New Motor Installation

Affordable Garage Door New Motor Installation Service

New motor installation to add electric operation to existing garage doors.

Many existing garage doors which were installed more than ten years back are the traditional type of garage doors which were required to open through physical labor, either by lifting or pushing the doors or by operating a lever which would open the door. Now, however, many garage owners are hoping to turn their traditional garage doors into electrically operated ones. Rather than getting an entirely new set of garage doors with a new electrical mechanism, many owners would rather prefer a new motor installation in the existing garage door. This does not only ensure that the garage door becomes electrically operated, but also retains its original mechanism of opening or closing using a lever etc. and therefore can easily be operated like that too.

While undergoing a new motor installation process for your garage door, there are some things which you must keep in mind. The first is that while electrically operated garage doors are certainly convenient and safer than manually operated ones, there require to be some inbuilt safety measures for them. The most basic one is to make sure that they have an auto reverse facility. This means that if while shutting down automatically, they collide with any object or a person, they will immediately reverse and go back up rather than crushing down on the object with which they collided.

Besides this, if you are hiring the services of a professional company for the new motor installation work, you can double-check with them whether your garage door has all CE compliant electrical equipment which will ensure that your door mechanism as well as the remote control functions smoothly.